While at the ACLU, I also worked on data analysis for litigation, and I continue to consult occasionally on data-related issues. This data analysis has played a role in cases challenging extreme delays in bringing detained noncitizens before an immigration judge; prolonged detention without a bond hearing; ICE's removal of the bond and release options from its risk classification software; and the Trump Administration's decision to deny asylum seekers bond hearings. I also deposed officials from ICE and the immigration courts to obtain information about immigration enforcement data in our case challenging unaffordable bonds. Before leaving the immigrants' rights project, I worked to prepare staff at the ACLU's new analytics department to continue this data analysis for litigation.

Figure 3 from The Failure of Immigration Appeals. When immigrants appeal from the decisions of particularly harsh immigration judges, they are no more likely to win (left panel). By contrast, when the government appeals from the decisions of particularly generous immigration judges, it wins more often (right panel).